About Us 2

Our Approach.

Use our extensive network in retail

Through our extensive network in the drug, food and value channel we want to introduce or re-introduce your brand to appropriate and relevant retailers. If your brand is already listed, we probably know the relevant contact at the retailer and can intensify the relation.

Clever marketing

By leveraging our relationship with the retailer we want to maximise the return on investment by looking at all available options instead of just doing the minimum investment at the retailer. In our experience there are more options available then one might imagine at first sight.

Online- and offline sales

We want to be available for everyone and therefore want to sell your brand both online and offline. This ensures distribution at all times to consumers. We are well aware of what retailers need in order to maximise their online sales and leverage their offline sales. We have a strong believe in the combination of bricks and clicks.

Your brand is our priority

In studying the distributor landscape in the Netherlands and based on our experience with some distribution brands owned by companies we have worked for, we noticed that more often than not, these brands are not the priority of the distributor. Their own brands are. We will not have our own brands. Growing your brand is our priority. Your brand is of exceptional quality, therefore we see huge growth potential. We have made a huge success in our corporate career out of products of far inferior quality than your product.

Full service

From ordering, transport, official documentation, labelling and warehousing to negotiating, delivering and selling. We provide you full service support for your brands.


We aim to develop our relationship into a partnership based on transparency. Transparency on contractual agreements, mutual investments, joint business planning and results.